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All of our branding projects start with an intense look at the core of your brand, considering your position within the market, target audience and competitors.

Some should be bubbly and vivacious, others need to be authoritative and sophisticated. Every challenge is unique. For some clients we will work for many months, liaising and listening, involving stakeholders in the process and creating a team of advocates to roll-out a fully-formed brand and visually articulated identity. For others, we swoop in for a few days or weeks, acting as consultants, providing objective opinions and often helping to reshape an organisation’s structure and approach to how they project their personality (sometimes with very little visual output at that stage).

For most, we are asked to provide a logo or a visual identity but we insist on a level of collaboration and understanding that allows us to produce better results and exceed all expectations.

From a little corner shop to a high street fashion boutique, we create compelling identities that engage client with consumers. Our rigorous approach is based on experience, understanding and creativity. Branding is more than a logo, and we will provide you with brand guidelines for future reference, defining the key elements of your brand and ensuring your brand will speck with a unique and consistent voice over time.

“We help our clients

to project their ‘personality’.

We use whatever methods and visual associations to


the best result.”