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Why diztinkt?: Because we’re seriously creatively unique and we always aspire to create something really different all the time.  Distinct or diztinkt?: Well, when we started, we couldn’t get hold of a dictionary on time as we were too busy with lots of inventions, breaking creativity laws and barriers. The other guys involved felt its cool as it is spelt and since not one of those other companies that loves playing safe, we decided to stick with it and have fun. Why Red and Black?: Red symbolises Passion, Black stands for strength and white is purity.  All these comes into play during our creative thinking. Untidy Website?: A construction site is always untidy but out of it comes something breathtaking. Its the same with us, we build from the scratch. We  are always busy creating things, so what’s the point in wasting the time in keeping our workspace tidy. Can we be trusted to make the impossible possible?:  This is a question that we’ve had to answer times and times again. Its not about answering them with mere words, we back our words up with actions. We get most of our jobs as referrals from other clients. If we have the habit of failing our clients, would they still recommend us? You’ll have to try and see things yourself. But from our side, you can trust us on whatever we say we’ll do.  Are we the best around?: Well, everyone says they are the best hence we’ll just try and be modest by saying that we are there at the top with the best anywhere in the world. Creativity is subjective but quality is not. When it comes to the best, you sure can bank on us either as an corporate individual or as a commercial conglomerate.

“We embrace the situations many walk away from. We take a challenge and combine it with our enthusiasm and energy to discover opportunities

We stay up all night for you to sit down, relax and be truly amazed”