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When it comes to next generation photography, with us is the only place where you belong. In an era where every body takes photos (be it on a camera phone, digital camera or even a web cam), it seems there is no need for professional photography again. To a large extent, you may be right.

But who are we? We are not just photographers (as even a monkey can take pictures now), we are the future. Where others take photographs, we make photographs and eliminate the difference between photography and art. We create personal works of art that reflect the essence of who you are and who you’ll like to be. We  will bring out the best in you to create a work of art that you are proud of.

Also, when it comes to photo editing, special effects and restoration; we dare say that we are one of the best in the world which we have proved from london to new york, lagos to pretoria. Our creativity, background in creative art and attention to details sets us miles ahead.

From portrait to commercial, weddings to school memories, we know how to bring the stories alive. We believe that behind every picture lies a story waiting to be told, a question waiting to be asked, a moment frozen in time, an undiscovered beauty and an experience recaptured.

Its time to share your stories, in pictures.

At Venture we capture your precious moments in time and beautifully present them in our stunning hand-crafted product. Our innovative photoshoots, exceptional photography quality and first class customer service continues to redefine family photography, creating lasting memories for generations to come.

a photograph is nothing but a beautiful story frozen in time

it is memories properly preserved and wrapped

timeless and treasured

not only now

but even by generations yet unborn